Oct 5, 2010

Successful Night

Song of the Day: Dr Dre - Forgot about Dre

If you're like me, and enjoy bizarre-ness and drawings, go check out The Invisible Hair Suit's comics.
Heres a few of my favourites:
Where Old People Go
A Vision
Lying Arthur

I wrote up a spiel on the Yin and Yang symbol and how it shows the short-sightedness in modern religions, but I feel its a bit too serious for this blog. I might make a separate blog for all the serious stuff I wanna post, watch this space.

I found a whole load of funny images, enough for a week; success!

Image of the Day:


  1. nice, ive been listening to the chronic by dr dre. i miss the 90's

  2. you can't go wrong with dre or the chronic for that matter.
    thanks for sharing the links.

  3. Wearing pants down like that to look like a punk... I agree.. the style is incredibly dumb.

  4. I honestly don't understand how some people enjoy wearing their clothing like that.