Oct 3, 2010

Killing Time

Ivor Cutler - Good Morning, How are you? Shut Up

Its 11.37pm and I'm waiting for the clothes drier to finish so that I can put my second load of laundry in and goto bed. Damn towels.

Because I have nothing else to say, random links:
Obscene Latin Poem: Catullus 16
Necessary reading for every blogger: [GUIDE] How To Link Your Blog To Your 'Google Friend Connect' Icon
SMBC(today's image is one of his comics): Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Image of the Day:


  1. oh man i feel sorry for you good thing youre leaving in a month!

  2. haha, thanks. Yeah SMBC has some classic strips, you just gotta haul through over 2000 to find your favourites heh.

  3. very nice
    i like it
    supportin !