Sep 25, 2010

Alfalfa Sprout

Have you ever pondered about the mystery surrounding Alfalfa Sprout?
The way he moves, Alfalfa Sprout, slinking and spinning and swimming about.
He moves in time and sings devine this great green ghost of lime.
So fine, so fine, so fine in lime, his ego explodes in nines.
Alfalfa Sprout, there is no doubt of your double-faced broom draw
And your slinky stinky tail, to which I saw "nevermore!"
"You will be mine, a trout sublime,
I will get you with my claws"
Alfalfa Sprout, mouth of clout and never any time.

So he draws them near, never in fear, of fetid metal claw.
He plays to the windsire and prays to the trees in the sun-light magic moar.

He plays to the fantons
Mr Spirridk Spuranden
Par-lays to the parlaps
Raised home dome with meat flaps
Parties with the foonpats
Mystical hood rats
and stays with the treelog
Home of Nester the Warthog

Alfalfa Sprout, you mighty trout, you know what life's all about.
but when I go to buy your lessons, the bookstore is all sold out.

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